Before You Do ANY Exercise Program, You Must Learn These "New Rules" of Core Training And "Organic" Posture Correction So You Can Prevent, And Even Reverse The Pain and Unhealthy Aging From Crossed Posture Syndrome.

Hi, my name is Dr. Steve Hoffman and I specialize in helping people reverse pain and unhealthy aging caused by an extremely common, predictable, and reversible stress induced muscle imbalance condition called Crossed Posture Syndrome.

And I'm going to lay it out bluntly...

So many people are needlessly suffering from pain, fatigue, and just being "sick and tired of being sick and tired" because they've been in the dark about how stress induced muscle imbalances and Crossed Posture Syndrome slowly steal your health.

(If you've made it to this page without knowledge of sure to watch the short but detailed video below describing the syndrome and how it happens to you.)

Do You Have These Warning Signs of Crossed Posture Syndrome?

  • Stiffness After Prolonged Sitting?

  • Neck and Shoulder Tension?

  • Low Back Pain?

  • Low Energy?

  • Moving Slower?

  • Pain Between Shoulder Blades?

  • Inability to get a satisfying breath?

  • Jaw Pain or Tension?

  • Morning Aches and Pains?

  • Loss of Flexibility?

  • Heel Pain / Plantar Fascitis

  • Knee Pain?

  • Hip Pain?

  • Shoulder Pain / Tendonitis?

  • Carpal Tunnel?

  • Arthritis?

Most patients and online students I've worked with over the last 20 years end up checking multiple boxes above, and it doesn't have to be that way.  There is an answer.

And to be honest, even though I have a chiropractic degree myself, it really bothers me to see people get awesome treatments from their chiropractor, physical therapist, osteopaths, massage therapist, acupuncturist, or whoever...

BUT they never "get to the core" and actually "rewire" the dysfunctional and damaging posture and movement patterns that caused the pain or symptom in the first place!

Here's the truth...

Releasing and Re-wiring CPS patterns MUST BE DONE...BY EVERYONE.

And here's the best part, these patterns of stress induced weakness and tightness are predictable and reversible.

Yet people are still suffering with pain and continuing DEPENDENT relationships with their practitioners.  That's fine if you like wasting time and spending money you don't need to, but since your're reading this right now, I'm assuming you're interested in a more permanent solution that puts YOU in control.  Nor your doctor or therapist.  Right?

This type of care simply treats the symptom and ignores the cause!

*It's like snipping the weed at the ground level and expecting it to go away (and I know...I'm a gardener!)

*It's like hiding your "check engine light" with a business card! (yes, I have done this)

*It's like taking the battery out of your fire alarm when it goes off!

OK...I guess you get the picture.

The ONLY way to make LASTING change is to fundamentally RE-WIRE your brain's programmed habits!

Think about it.   Right now you've got stressful and damaging movement programs, eating programs, and thinking programs that are keeping you STUCK in a stress pattern that then keeps you in your current loop of symptoms and emotional state.

But this is GOOD NEWS!  Because that's all they are...PROGRAMS.

They are just like computer software programs that can be "written over". this instantaneous?  Of course not.  You're smart.  You know it's a process.  It takes commitment.  It takes focus.  It takes consistency.

And although my clients and online students often DO get fast relief from the annoying pain syndromes listed above, this type of approach is not a "quick fix".  If that's all you're after and you're not interested in digging deep and getting to the core of your issues, then this is probably not for you.

But if you're sick of replaying the same day over and over again and are ready to break the cycle of stress, pain, and degeneration, then let's do it!

And let me say boldly...the program I'm about to share with you is PROVEN to create long lasting change (just read the stories of other CWI students below) and carries a strong guarantee because I believe with my whole heart that it will exceed your expectations.

So speaking of the program, What is it, exactly?

Here's the scoop...after my first 10 years of treating every kind of pain syndrome imaginable in my chiropractic rehabilitation practice, I discovered that in at least 80% of the cases, I was doing the exact same thing!

I was simply giving specific exercises to reverse the predictable stress induced muscle imbalance pattern of Crossed Posture Syndrome!

At the same time, I was giving simple dietary instructions to reduce inflammation and combat the cellular aging process.  And my patients were losing weight, finally escaping from chronic pain, getting rid of high cholesterol, allergies, auto-immune disease, and even diabetes!

Additionally...since I've always been a student of brain science and how to make healthy changes that actually stick by "reprogramming" thought patterns, I started incorporating more mindset strategies as well.

Then it happened...

After a huge "aha" training in Chicago with 2 world renowned physiotherapists from Prague

Prague School Physiotherapists Jiri Cumpelik and Michaela Veverková

(where I discovered how to create "Organic" posture through the "Push Away Phenomenon"),  I came home inspired to create a SYSTEM to "Release and Rewire" the damaging programs of thought, movement, and nutrition that lead to pain and unhealthy aging from Crossed Posture Syndrome.

It was originally designed as an "in-person" 12-week immersion program with 3 times per week "Reverse CPS" group circuit training, weekly Therapeutic Lifestyle Change Action Guides, weekly seminar on how to optimize anti-aging body systems, and weekly 15-minute Reverse CPS bodywork sessions.

Participants paid $2000 for this groundbreaking "Release and Rewire" program and we got awesome  results (you can see success stories below), got featured in the news, and I was set to create a franchise with the system.

But instead of creating a chain of these "circuit based" Core Wellness Therapeutic Lifestyle Change Programs, I decided to go for global reach by making it more affordable with a multi-media web training program instead.

So I jumped in front of the camera with Rebecca and re-created the exact same training my patients get and put the entire $2000 program along with audios and printable PDFs online for less than one hour with me in person.

(You can see the exact details of everything you get below.)

So if you're ready to rediscover your core, reverse CPS, and start living life with less pain, more energy, and more FUN, then read on to see exactly what I've got for you, what it can do for you, and what to do next. 

Introducing...The Core Wellness Institute 

"Reverse CPS Now!" Training Course  


The ONLY online training program designed specifically to reverse the pain, fatigue, and unhealthy aging from Crossed Posture Syndrome!


What Can You Expect When You Enroll?

  • Enjoy Weight Loss Exercise Without Injury

    There’s lots of awesome exercise options for weight loss out there but when you exercise with poor posture and movement patterns, you’re going to end up with frustrating injuries sooner or later.  This course is designed as a “Do This First” program to prepare you for Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, P90x, Insanity, or whatever you want to do!

  • Avoid the "Nursing Home Shuffle"

    Most people have been through a tough time with a parent or grandparent who have lost their independence because of health issues.  It’ no fun.  Core Wellness is all about helping you avoid becoming a burden on your family by keeping you thinking, eating, and moving with youthful vitality into your 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and beyond!

  • Stress Reduction From All Angles

    Although the course has an strong bias toward physical exercise and postural alignment, the physical piece is just one of the 3 Pillars of Core Wellness. Mental / emotional stress reduction and nutritional intervention is critical to your success in long term transformation.  All three pillars are addressed in a non-dogmatic fashion.

  • Pain Relief...The Common "Side Benefit" of Reversing CPS

    The focus of this training course is one ONE THING…reversing Crossed Posture Syndrome.  When your joints and muscles are re-balanced and back into “Centration”, it results in relief from common conditions like back pain, sciatica, shoulder pain, neck pain, stress headaches, TMJ, and plantar fascitis, to name a few.  A nice side benefit!

  • Re-Awaken Youthful Posture...It's Still In There!

    Your inborn patterns of ideal upright posture are still in your brain…and you’ll learn how to re-awaken these patterns through unique Eastern European methods that bring your nervous system “back in time” for a feeling of lightness and ease that’s been suppressed for years…maybe decades 🙂

  • "Organic Correction" It Shouldn't HURT To Fix Your Posture.

    You won’t hear cues like “pinch your shoulder blades together”, or “chin up, chest out”, or “pull your belly button to your spine”!  This is about re-creating a natural feeling of being upright, calm, and confident without feeling stress and overworking muscles in the process.

Here's Everything You Get Inside The Core Wellness Institute "Reverse CPS Now!" Training Course:

getting-started-module-pp-screenshotThe Getting Started Module


In this preparatory module and orientation into the Core Wellness philosophy, you'll find:

  • Outcomes assessments and questionnaires as well as a set of "self tests" to help you get a "baseline" so you can measure your results as you get your body back into balance.
  • A review the OPTIONAL low tech, low cost tools that will give you the best results from the course along and exactly where we get ours.

The "Core Concepts" Module

Without ever doing an exercise, you can transform your posture, eliminate pain, and increase your energy and inner calm just by embodying these new ways of thinking and using your body.

With over 30 training videos, this could be a "stand alone" course.  But don't worry....I've tagged the ones that are most important to learn before starting in on the exercise modules.

  • Discover the game changing "Push Away Phenomenon" that immediately and automatically brings your entire body into the same natural effortless posture you had as a child
  • Learn "The Power of Pressure" and why it's the KEY to staying upright and preventing energy leaks that lead to fatigue and tissue damage!
  • The "Diaphragmatic Anti-Gravity Magic" video reveals why the position of your diaphragm when you breath is the #1 most important thing you could ever focus on!
  • A full 2 hour live presentation of "The 3 Pillars of Core Wellness" where I lay out in detail the foundation of the Core Wellness philosophy. You can view the video on the site, download the video, or download the audio mp3 version so you can take it with you on the go! I included the slides as well so you can see the references and follow along.
  • Discover how the Eastern European secret of "joint centration" not only helps with pain relief, and confident posture, but also brings on a sense of centered calm.

These are just a sample of some of the new concepts you'll learn that you can apply anytime, anywhere!

5 DETAILED Exercise Training Modules Designed Specifically To Reverse Crossed Posture Syndrome And Wake Up Your Automatic and ORGANIC Perfect Posture System

Definitely...the most popular area of the site are these 5 modules with detailed instruction on how to do the very specific and targeted exercises that "Switch Off" the stress muscles and "Switch ON" your muscles of youth and renewal!

In each of these modules you'll find:

  • Step by step detailed video instructions on how to use perfect form on the Reverse CPS exercises
  • Printable PDF's with written objectives and coaching tips for each move
  • A "Mini-Circuit" video that puts all the moves together so you can practice them in a sequence
  • A one page Mini-Circuit PDF "Snapshot" of all the exercises on one page for quick reference when you're away from your computer
  • Content Packed Q&A Video Archives: Each of the 6 physical exercise modules contains Q&A archives that I recorded while building the online course with our first 2 trial groups!  Odds are...their questions will answer a lot of YOUR questions and of course, answer questions you never would of thought to ask!

module-six-pp-screenshotModule 6 "Flow Series"

After mastering good form through the modules, put all the moves together with the "Flow Series".  You can use this 39 minute series for ongoing daily practice or as a kick start if you happen to get off track 🙂  


“3 Pillars” Therapeutic Lifestyle Change TAKE ACTION Mini-Course

This is the exact 12 week mini-course I give to my private clients when they go through my in-office program.

There are 12 TLC Action Guides in the course designed to not only educate you on foundational age reversal nutrition and lifestyle principles, but also give you practical “take home” strategies to work on each week so you don’t feel overwhelmed by too much change all at once.

You can make it into a “12 Week Course” for yourself or take as much time as you like to soak up the information.


10-core-secrets-disc-image“The 10 Core Secrets” To An Energetic And Pain Free Life Audio Health Coaching Series

Most people I come across like to know WHY they are doing something instead of just following a program because some guru “said so”.

So I’ve decided to include this comprehensive “deep dive” group coaching series that reveals nutrition and lifestyle prescriptions to help balance and optimize these 10 critical processes (all in downloadable mp3 format):

  • Secret #1 “How to Rewire Your Subconscious Mind to Make Healthy Changes Stick
  •  Secret #2 “How To Boost Energy, Eliminate Pain, Relax Tense Muscles, and Improve Coordination”
  • Secret #3 “Dysglycemia – How to Balance Blood Sugar and Insulin for Healthy Weight Loss and Steady Mood.”
  • Secret #4 “How to Cool the Fire of Chronic Inflammation”
  • Secret #5 “How To Optimize Energy Production”
  • Secret #6 “How To Balance Hormones Naturally”
  • Secret #7 “Methylation – The Master Key Process to Gene Control for Cancer, Depression, Heart Attacks, Strokes, Alzheimer’s and More”
  • Secret #8 “Detoxification – How To Cleanse a Toxic Body”
  • Secret #9 “How To Optimize Your Immune System”
  • Secret #10 “Breaking the Chronic Stress Cycle”

Each audio health coaching session is packed with PROOF of WHY you must pay attention to these vital processes in order to experience optimal health and avoid the pain and disability our society tends to associate with “old age”.

After all, it’s not about chronology and numbers…It’s about how much STRESS you accumulate over the years!

Eliminate the stress, you reverse your body age and perfect “organic” posture comes naturally!


CWI Resource Center

  • Invaluable PDF on how to find a good practitioner who practices similar to the work in this course.rolodex
  • Where to get quality rehab and fitness supplies.
  • Diet Guides for weight management, blood sugar problems, detoxification
  • "Books that Matter", "Movies that Matter", and "Music that Matters"
  • Plus lots more


In Addition To The Entire Reverse CPS Now! Program, You Also Get The Following BONUSES...

bonus-adl-library-combo“Activities Of Daily Living” Online Video Library

If there’s one thing you’ll here me repeat over and over again, it’s that exercises come and go, but it’s “how you do what you do when you do it” that matters most when you want to protect and preserve your active body and active life!

That’s why included this ADL Online Video Library as a special bonus in addition to the exercise system.

In this area of the site, I aggregate all of my prior YouTube ADL videos along with specially recorded new ones that show you how to do your activities of daily living in a strain free, efficient manner so you don’t injure yourself!

Learn how to avoid damaging your spine and other joints when you:

  • Lift
  • Carry
  • Shovel
  • Vacuum
  • Push a shopping cart
  • Walk
  • Climb Stairs
  • Get in and out of car
  • Driving / riding in a car
  • And MORE!
  • Plus…I take requests for add ons!

Master these movements with good form and LIFE CAN BECOME YOUR EXERCISE! 

bonus-image-redcommunity-huddleCore Wellness Institute "Student Union" PRIVATE Facebook Group

After years of resistance to creating a Facebook group...I can't ignore the fact that real community can happen there.  

Community has been missing for a long time from CWI and now you can finally join with "like minds" for support, motivation, and inspiration to stay on track with your Core Wellness journey!

You will receive the link to join after enrolling.

So, as you can see, this is a comprehensive course.  But don't worry, all you have to do is follow the Reverse CPS Now! Course module by module.  

Plus there are instructions on how to consume it along the way in addition to weekly coaching email to nudge you into action and support you along the way.

And Good News!  There's no timetable with this course. 


Once you have immediate access to ALL the training.  It is not "drip fed" to you.  That way you can do it all at your own pace.

As far as cost, there's more good news...


And you can see from just the first success story below, it can save you hundreds, and potentially thousands of dollars on chiropractic visits or other therapy, and potentially help you avoid the pain, suffering, and cost of invasive surgery.

But since I want to help as many people as possible with this life changing program, I'm not going to charge you thousands of dollars.


And you don't have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars, nor your precious time traveling to see me in person.

In the past, I've sold this program for up to $500, and students still reported it was the best investment they've ever made and wondered why this stuff wasn't more well known.  (See Stella from Australia's story below.)

But today you are not going to pay $2000, $500, or even $300.



You can get this $2000 self paced, independent study program for only 3 payments of $99.



OR...Save An Additional $50 with the full pay option of only $247. 


That's less than just 1 hour with me in person.

Through the power of the web, you can take advantage my 300+ hours and $30,000+ plus I've spent on continuing ed to learn from the world leaders on the cutting edge of human performance for just a fraction of what it would cost to do in person.

Plus, everything is downloadable so you can take it with you on your device even if you don't have an internet connection.  

And once you purchase the Reverse CPS Now! course with the Independent Study option, you have LIFETIME access.  As long as the internet is alive, you can access the content.

yes let me in

100% Risk Free 30 Day Guarantee

Because I want you to have peace of mind with this decision, you have a full 30 days to decide if this program is right for you.   If you decide otherwise, no problem, just contact us through the support tab on the site and your enrollment fee with be promptly returned in full.  This way I take all the risk off your shoulders and place it squarely on mine.  So you have nothing to lose!

Here's What Other CWI Course Students Are Saying...

Heather, Mother of Three From Ontario, Canada

“No Longer Spending $200/Week On A Chiropractor!”

Just had to let you know the power I have back in my life!  Thanks for helping me understand the mechanics behind my disc bulges and teaching me the “hip hinge” (that was my big learning moment!) I am now pain free and was able to wean myself off weekly visits to the chiropractor (2 of which said they could no longer help me, and I went for an MRI) and now I’m no longer spending $200/ week! I am 34 and have 3 kids, 5, 6, and 9 and we are ALL happy that I am once again a functioning Mom and sleeping better than ever! Keep doing what you’re doing!

Heather, Mother of Three From Ontario, Canada
Nancy Dougherty, Greenville, TN

From Ominous Low Back Pain To Completing Four 5ks Last Year And Training For My First Half Marathon!

“I developed hip and low back pain that was very similar to what I heard my mother describe to her doctor one day and felt an ominous feeling that I was going to be just like her.

I couldn’t let that happen. I did a search on back pain and found the Reverse CPS website. It made sense to me. I had never done anything like this when I signed up for the course and it has saved my life.

The positive approach really made me understand how my posture was affecting my back and hip pain.

I loved the videos of the exercises and the ability to receive feedback when you have a question about how certain exercises may be affecting you.

After completing the course, even though my old Chiropractor told me I couldn’t run 5Ks because my back would hurt too much, I was able to continue training and completed four 5ks last year and am training for my first half marathon with no debilitating back pain.

I have increased my core strength and learned to move in a more productive way. The information in the course is invaluable.

I also love the proactive stance and encouragement that is reaffirmed within every part of the course that you can change your current circumstances and live a healthy and energetic life.

It’s so easy to incorporate into your life and the encouragement from the private coaching helps to keep you motivated and moving in the right direction!!!

This course has given me hope that I will live the last half of my life with energy and exuberance!!!!

Thank you, Dr. Hoffman!

Nancy Dougherty, Greenville, TN
Carol White, Sellersburg, IN

“More Focused, Happy, Energetic, and Productive!”

I enrolled in the program because, basically…I needed a swift kick!!!!!!!!

And now, because of the encouragement of your voice in my head and your happy face kicking me along (oops…peacefully inspiring me )  I am more focused and I feel happy, energetic, and productive every day I wake up!

I definitely know when I am off balance.  But with the training in the course, I’ve been able to get myself centered and become the person I am meant to be.

Carol White, Sellersburg, IN
Carol Wheeler, Champaigne, IL

“Best Investment I’ve Ever Made”

Before I started this course, a power chair was my main means of getting from one place to another.

I did not have the energy to be very productive. I could tell I was gradually getting worse. I even considered moving to assisted living because it was becoming so difficult to function.

Then I saw Dr. Hoffman’s sciatica YouTube video, and immediately got some relief from my pain and I intuitively knew you could help me.

He breaks things down to their smallest parts, and then builds, combining the parts into a whole. Rather than building skills that are advanced with no foundation.

I like the fact that he teaches people where they are, at their own pace, not with a preconceived idea of where they should be.

This and your supportive style that became obvious in the free course, caused me to know this was important for me to do.

I was concerned the course might be too demanding and advanced for me to be able to participate and succeed.  But those fears were unfounded because I learned it was ok to move at my own pace and Dr. Hoffman gave me many adaptations and tools to help me be successful at my level.

Now I’m feeling stronger each day rather than weaker. I have been on disability, and am feeling very encouraged that I will be able to go back to work.

I can now get up and down off of the floor (it had been many years since I was able to do this) and I no longer am terrified if I fell I would need to call 911 just to get up even if I were not hurt.

I can now put my own socks on, and partially dress myself without using all of my dressing tools. I have energy now to do more than just the very minimum daily necessities.

A big difference I see is that I am no longer in pain every day and no longer take pain medication several times a day.

My Mother mentioned that I am getting taller. I am able to stand almost straight.

I am learning to walk again. This would not have been possible without the exercises that began to strengthen my core, and give my body more mobility.

The videos explain so clearly how to do the exercises, and are always available for review. The focus on exercise, nutrition, and mind set is integrated and balanced.

It is adaptable to any fitness level, and any pace. The knowledge, energy, and support that is available from the videos is very unique.

If this course charged by the number of minutes I accessed the site, for all the time that was spent answering my questions personally, and if there were a way to charge for everything I have learned, and how much my life has changed, I could never afford to pay that amount.

I actually found myself feeling I was taking advantage, and getting much more than I had paid for.

It was the best investment I have ever made.

I am feeling very encouraged. My body is starting to move in ways I had no idea it would ever again, and pain is so much less than it has been for years.

The concept of moving like your body was originally designed to move, seems so logical and simple. However, this is the first time I have ever been exposed to that concept.

It is also the only thing that has ever worked.

Thank you Dr. Steve for sharing your wisdom in this wonderful course.

Carol Wheeler, Champaigne, IL
Detlef Pohlmann, Osteopath in Fulda, Germany

German Osteopath Gets Relief From Abnormal Heart Rhythm With Simple Posture and Breathing Changes 

Before enrolling in this course, my active life was being altered by a strange heart rhythm abnormality that came on during a light endurance run in May 2012 and got to a crisis state by Nov. 2012.

When my heart beat was up to 170 or higher it went up to 220 and it took nearly an hour to go back to a normal state (60-80 beats)

I´ve tried a lot of natural remedies – detoxification of the body etc. (I even had 2 teeth extracted!) but nothing really helped my training come back to normal because the heart rhythm deviation was now coming without reason during the day.

When I found Dr. Hoffman’s YouTube channel I´ve decided to take part in the training course and now my heart rate deviations are going to a normal state.

It hit home to me when you talked about how when your joints are centered and aligned with good breathing and proper rib cage position, your nervous system can relax.  This is what I believe helped my heart rhythm.

Now my activity level, mood, and range of motion are increasing daily. I can now do some joint mobility exercises a lot of better.

As an Osteopath, I was attracted to this program because it talks about the origin of our movement.

I´d like to say that this program is the mother of all other sports and daily life activities.

If you cannot manage your core you´ll get your movement from somewhere else and this will compromise the body and lead to pain.

Do this exercise program first and build your sports activity upon it and you´ll get the best results ever.

Detlef Pohlmann, Osteopath in Fulda, Germany
Rich Reiss, Charlottesville, VA

“I Went Backpacking For The First Time In 30 Years!”

This training has literally has changed my life. After following some of your suggestions for lower back and movement issues, I went backpacking for the first and second time in 30 years!

We did some amazing and difficult packing in Yellowstone, and then 5 of us went backpacking outside the Grand Canyon.  We did a day hike (about 16-18 mi round trip) to the Colorado River starting from Havuspai Falls.

Never would have THOUGHT about all this before working on the lower back, abs, and massive “rolling out” on that roller.  (I brought a small roller on the trip – and I packed light!)

Rich Reiss, Charlottesville, VA
Michelle Johnson, New Albany, IN

“The Tightness In My Shoulders Has Improved 99%!”

I loved the “angels” and balance work. The pain and tightness between my shoulders has improved 99%!  I can stand taller and stronger – it affects everything.

I am stronger and younger, too.  I also now understand that some things in our “emotional brain” can contribute to how we feel and that it can be released and rewired.

This is something I need.  Everyone needs.

Michelle Johnson, New Albany, IN
Chris King, Champagne, IL

“New Body Awareness Has Been Revitalizing!  Cravings For Unhealthy Food All But GONE!  I Feel Like This Is The Path To True Transformation”

The biggest change I’ve experienced is awareness. I suffer from upper and lower CPS. Understanding the nature of CPS has created an awareness that has changed my thoughts everyday since I found your website.
So many changes have followed.

More lights turned on when I started gaining flexibility in my thoracic spine and hips. Breaking away from my upper trapezius dominant patterns has be very revitalizing.

The same with lengthening my hip flexors and opening up my hips. Now that I’m waking up my feet I am really coming to life! Three pillars… brilliant. I feel I’m on the road to continual improvement.

Along with the foam roller, I use my Body Back Buddy everyday and have been studying The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook. This has really allowed me to break through the lockdown muscle tension. It’s almost like hitting little reset buttons – extremely powerful.

My nutrition habits have completely transformed as well. I eat chia seed pudding every morning and use my Omega 8005 juicer every day. Once I’ve started eating healthy foods the craving for unhealthy foods has all but disappeared.

As far as mindset, I have been aware of many of the principles you teach, but I’ve struggled with putting them into practice. With the nutrition and movement pillars strengthening, the mindset pillar is following suit.

I am slowly going through the program, but I think about the concepts I learn continuously and slowly adding the exercises into my routine. I’ll keep you updated on my progress.

Thanks again for all your lessons. They have given me a path toward true transformation!

Chris King, Champagne, IL
Kristina Jansons-Binns – London, United Kingdom

“Knowledge, Personal Tailored Advice, and Encouragement.  Worth Every Penny!”

I hope that this comment can be viewed by everyone as I want to say that I paid up for the course and would not have it otherwise. It is always lovely to have free stuff, but it is so true that often the value of the content is overlooked if there’s not some price on it.

So lets put this into perspective.

Dr Steve is a qualified and knowledgeable person who just happens to be generous enough to put loads of free (USEFUL) stuff up on the web. How many people do that?

Most people will put up 30% of the info then make you listen to a half hour promo to buy the rest of the info.

Dr Steve has given his TIME, his KNOWLEDGE, his TAILORED, PERSONAL ADVICE, his ENCOURAGEMENT, and the ability to read other peoples comments to ENHANCE YOUR LIFE – not his. FREE. And if you pay a bit, then you get that and a whole lot more time, knowledge, and advice.

Generally, I am a skeptic, especially when purchasing anything off the internet – in fact I rarely do buy anything off the net because of this.

However, I thought this was a very reasonably priced course and took the plunge hoping to receive at least some of what was promised.

I am pleased to say that it has been worth every penny, and Dr Steve’s interaction, guidance and advice is not only great, but you aren’t left waiting long for a response, which I am very impressed with.

As mentioned, it’s nice to have free stuff, but another thing about paying up is that it helped me commit to doing something.

I look forward to some part of the course everyday as it is a joy to feel myself becoming healthier and more positive about life in general.

Kristina Jansons-Binns – London, United Kingdom
Steve Nelson, Retired Air Traffic Controller, St. George, Utah

“Surgeons Now Suggesting I Should Continue Following This Program!”

Dr. Steve,You have described a transformational secret here that if applied will change lives for the better! I know because the very things you are discussing here I have been working with through your blog and program and the bennifits are amazing!

Just a brief background, several months ago I suffered a disc injury to my back and yep, I was frightened. The mind set of I’m broken and all the things I thought I could never do again. Yes it was difficult because my physical activity was greatly curtailed due to pain. I had an injured back and I needed someone to “fix it”. I had consultations that surgery was the answer. But deep down I felt I should try a more concervitive approach first.

Perhaps I should think what I could do to take ownership of my problem. After all, if I were honest with myself, I had to admit that my sedentary lifestyle was truly a major factor in the development of this situation. That’s when I found your blog.

I have been applying what you have spoken about here. My mindset, I no longer have a back injury, I have a ‘healing back’. I just now finished another round of ‘Cross Posturue Syndrome’ (CPS) exercises after having a green smoothie and I’m feeling no pain in my back! I am optimistic that I am on the road to recovery. Each day my symptoms become more and more under My Control!

Surgeons are now suggesting I continue with what I’m doing. Oh, and yes, I’ve lost weight, I can move in ways that I have not moved in years, and life in general is much brighter!

Dr. Steve, what you are sharing here, though it may seem to some, to be to simple to be true, is in fact a very powerful truth. So often it’s the simple little things in life that when added up make the big differences, yet, because they seem too simple, they are so easy to ignore and the benefits are lost.

Thank you for your blog and for you CPS program it is a little thing that I am applying in my life that is making a big difference!

Steve Nelson, Retired Air Traffic Controller, St. George, Utah
Lynn Kamer, Louisville, KY

“I’m Amazed At How Such Fundamental Changes Can Make Such A Big Difference”

It’s an inspirational life program that really does give you more energy throughout the day!

The techniques I learned have improved my posture, toned my muscles, and relieved the tension in my neck, shoulder, and lower back.

Having the emotional calm and relaxed, clear mind have been wonderful.  The breathing technique has been especially helpful to alleviate the stress I encounter throughout the day.

I’m amazed at how such fundamental changes can make such a huge difference.

Lynn Kamer, Louisville, KY
Sue from Florida

“Better Mobility Now…And It Was All So Easy To Understand!”

It has been one of best if not the best course I have even taken. My mobility has greatly improved plus I have learned so much and everything is clear and easy to understand.

Me personally, I think the course is laid out in a logical manner. I can not do all the exercises now but I do the ones I can and as I improve I will get stronger and do more. Some people have much more balance and core stability than me so the way the course is set up now anyone at any level can benefit.

Thank you so much!

Sue from Florida
Cynthia from Los Angeles

“How come nobody ever explained this to me?  It made me mad, in a way.  It’s so simple”

All through the course, I kept having moments (like when he explained the spiral) where I’d think, How come nobody ever explained that to me?

It made me mad, in a way.  It’s so simple.  (Well, of course it’s simple once somebody observes it and communicates it to you.)

It’s so back-to-the beginning – different from anything you learn in pilates or any other system.  And I’ve got all this energy since doing the core program, it’s awesome.

You and Rebecca are such a great gift.  You make everything so do-able!

Cynthia from Los Angeles
Stella from Australia

“NO LONGER FRUSTRATED!  It Makes So Much Sense.”

I have tried many modalities of treatment locally with little help and much frustration- physio, massage, GP etc. I’m still blown away by the fact that someone in Indiana, US can help me here in Australia, whereas I haven’t been helped much face to face.

Its always a bit of a gamble to buy things off the internet, and I have spent money on other courses relating to back pain. They were on the right track as far as realizing it was dealing with muscle imbalances, nutrition and stress but were not comprehensive enough.

I’m just not sure why this developmental stuff isn’t known more widely.  It makes so much sense.

Stella from Australia
Ann Prendergast,  Sointula, British Columbia, CA (population 800)

Low Back No Longer Seizes Up, Shoulder Pain and Plantar Fascitis Fading Away

”I was looking around on YouTube for help with bursitis and I found some of your videos. I worked off the free stuff for a while and then I took the plunge.

And it’s been some of the best money I have ever spent.

Now, after your training course, my lower back no longer seizes up after a couple of long days fishing (I’m a commercial fisherman), and my shoulder tenderness, which is what led me to this course is fading. Also, plantar fasciitis is fading away.

I think the lower back flexibility is the most impressive, I never thought it would go away, it was just something to deal with as I age.

The way you teach is turning back the clock. I don’t have any of the complaints most people my age do.

I haven’t contacted you for individual coaching because I haven’t really needed it. The videos are great and I can print out directions if I want.

Anyways, that is how I am doing with the course. I will add more exercises as time goes by. My life is really busy, but time will come.

Thanks for doing this, I have never been one to exercise, my work did that for me, but I know I need to. So this is great.”

Ann Prendergast, Sointula, British Columbia, CA (population 800)
Cyndy Peterson + Prophetstown, IL

Makes you feel good in more ways then the original thing you signed on for.

There are other programs out there, and I have tried them too. But this program stands out in a few ways that outshine them all.

First off, I like the continuing sources he puts out in videos, answers, follow ups to what he already has on just about everything in his course. Once your in, – there is no need to buy more things he puts out.

His course is HUGE. Once you get past the basics, there is room to grow.

Second, this is a good man ( and his wife too!) Other courses are based on more technical, or muscle building (with macho bravo going on) or even clearly a money making base to keep having you buy more.

He is as driven as we are to do this better, & get more simple directions from another direction if you don’t get it. He and his family “walk the talk” and live it. Makes you feel good in more ways then the original thing you signed on for.

You’ll not regret getting his course!

Cyndy Peterson + Prophetstown, IL
yes let me in

More Questions About The Course?  Here's Some Of The Most Frequent Ones I Get Along With My Answers.

Will this course help get rid of my pain? +

Very possibly.  Although I can't guarantee pain relief.  Hundreds of people have gotten relief from things like back pain, sciatica, neck pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, plantar fascitis, and various other happens as a side benefit of doing the work to reverse CPS.

When you fix your damaging posture and movement patterns while you simultaneously reduce nutritional and mental / emotional stress...all kinds of amazing things happen.

I've tried other corrective exercise and posture related programs. What makes this any different? +

Most posture programs focus mainly on stretching releasing tight muscles and strengthening weak muscles.

But with the "Myobalance Method" used in this course, you learn how to "tap in" and re-awaken the ideal posture programs you created from time you were born until 4 years old.

It's what we call the "Deep Core System".  Respecting the neuro-developmental process is more natural.  That's why it's called "Organic Posture".

Your ideal posture "program" is still in there.  You just need to be put in the right positions and given the right imagery cues to re-awaken your natural, effortless upright posture.

Plus...the physical exercise portion is only one of the 3 pillars addressed.  It's a comprehensive holistic program that also includes de-programming of damaging thought patterns and anti-aging nutrition strategies.

It's a full Therapeutic Lifestyle Change (TLC) Program.

How long do I have access to this training? +

You have lifetime access to the entire Reverse CPS Now training program.


How much time will this course take? +

The original program was an 'in-person" immersive 12-week program where participants spent 3 hours a week with the circuit of exercises and 90 minutes a week with live group education.

You may want to do more than that or much less than that depending on your lifestyle, your schedule, and your level of commitment to change.

If you spent 30 minutes a day dedicated to the transformation, I would conservatively allow a 2 weeks for each module.

But everyone is at a different level.  So even though you will get weekly emails with gentle nudges to continue making progress, this is a self paced program.

The best way to think about this is that it's a body of solid training that's designed for a major paradigm shift.

For some it takes weeks ...for some it takes months.  Ultimately it's up to you.

How is this course different from your free training on your blog, YouTube, etc? +

ORGANIZATION - All my YouTube and blog content are random thoughts that happen to be on my mind. This course is a structured and proven program based on the latest breakthroughs is movement therapy, nutrition, and brain training.

DEEPER MORE IN-DEPTH TRAINING - By going through this training, you will know more about how to heal your body than most conventional doctors! Like a recent enrollee just told me…”It’s like getting a PhD in how to move your body!

COMMITMENT AND ACCOUNTABILITY - When you invest in yourself…it is an ACTION MOTIVATOR!! You are more likely to succeed when you invest!!


  • Avoid the cost and emotional toll of eventual surgeries. (Health problems are the #1 reason for bankruptcy!)
  • Save money on chiropractic and massage therapy visits
  • Avoid the price of mental / emotional suffering.
  • Save on medication costs.
  • Avoid the cost of being disabled and being a burden on your family
Buying internet courses is risky. Do you have a guarantee? +

Absolutely!  We stand behind the Core Wellness Institute 100%.

I you don't feel like the course has everything you need to help you get the results you want, just send an email to within 30 days and you'll be refunded in full.

yes let me in

100% Risk Free 30 Day Guarantee

Because I want you to have peace of mind with this decision, you have a full 30 days to decide if this program is right for you.   If you decide otherwise, no problem, just contact us through the support tab on the site and your enrollment fee with be promptly returned in full.  This way I take all the risk off your shoulders and place it squarely on mine.  So you have nothing to lose!