A Special Invitation From Core Wellness and Dr. Steven Hoffman…

If You’re Finally Ready To Free Yourself From Stress, Pain, Tension, and Fatigue So You Can Experience The Joy And Happiness You Deserve With A Body You’re Proud Of…

Living With Less Pain, More Energy, and More FUN Just Got Easier

Core Wellness Institute and Dr. Steven Hoffman Unveil A NEW Truly Revolutionary and Natural Method For Eliminating The Aches, Pains, Stiffness, and Weight Gain Of Unhealthy Aging From Crossed Posture Syndrome

If You’re Ready To Banish Pain and Tension And Release the Energy And Vitality Of Your Inner Child, Then Keep Reading To Discover How You Can Experience The Life Transforming Effects Inside The Core Wellness Institute

You'll have the amazing opportunity to discover the secrets of how to:

  • Look and feel younger by tapping into your hidden core energy reserves
  • Re-Awaken your stability, balance, and coordination
  • “Re-connect” and become aware of your hidden power and stamina
  • Avoid the traps and prisons of dependence on medications, surgery, and other “patchwork” passive care that never gets to the real root of unhealthy aging problems
  • Regain your confidence so you CAN do those things you thought you were “too old” for.
  • Eliminate nagging and frustrating pains that stress your mind and emotions and interfere with the way you interact with friends and family
  • Increase your fat burning capacity and specifically reduce belly fat
  • Reprogram unsightly and physically damaging “hunched over” posture patterns
  • Rebuild and tone your flabby muscles
  • Improve or restore your flexibility
  • Lower your blood pressure
  • Enjoy deeper, more restful sleep
  • Improve your ability to relax and handle stressful situations more peacefully
  • Ease tense and tight muscles that cause chronic underlying stress
  • Learn an amazing new technique to recycle gravity and use it for energy
  • Eliminate patterns of self sabotage and negative self talk

Wow, that’s a lot of promises! But if you’re willing to put out some effort to learn and apply a few simple concepts that have been proven time and time again to reverse the effects of unhealthy aging, I’ll guarantee you’ll look back at this list and see that these benefits are merely the tip of the iceberg compared to what you’ll feel like you can accomplish.

Discover How You Can “Tap In” To The Amazing Power of Brain Training, Peak Performance Nutrition, And  Anti-Gravity Posture Training To “Flip The Switch” On Even Your Worst Genes To Create A Whole New Reality Filled With Energy, Vitality, And Constant Feeling Of Inner Calm


Dear Friend,

It’s time to get excited.  New breakthroughs are happening and now scientists, researchers, and forward thinking clinicians have discovered phenomenal new ways to slow, stop, and even reverse the unhealthy aging process of breakdown and decay

So if you’re concerned about losing your energy and vitality as you age and want to avoid getting trapped by the debilitating and painful effects of stress induced aging problems without becoming dependent on medications, surgeries, or other medical procedures, then you're reading this just in time.

This exciting and even somewhat controversial Core Wellness training and coaching method has the power to change the entire course of your life away from fear, doubt, and worry to an existence where you wake up in the morning feeling strong, vibrant, full of energy, and 100% ALIVE and FREE! 

*FREE from constant worry about your health.

FREE from the guilt of not being able to play with or keep up with your kids or grandkids and give them the energy and attention they deserve

FREE from the stress, pain, and tension in your body that keeps you from fully enjoying the activities that make your life worth living

FREE from the trap of damaging medications and worry about invasive medical procedures

You see, after spending the last 20 years seeing thousands of patients and consulting clients, from peak performance athletes to those at midlife and beyond, with life stealing problems like back pain, headaches, chronic fatigue, carpal tunnel, allergies, weight gain, depression, anxiety, heart disease, diabetes, tendonitis, arthritis, and other signposts of stress induced aging, I realized something… 

I realized that for better than 90% of the cases, I was correcting the same types of basic and predictable problems for every person… no matter what their problem was!!.

So, in response to this observation, I created a system…a new method designed to RELEASE  these predictable “breakdown and decay” patterns I was seeing, and then REWIRE the damaging pattern into a new and healthy “growth and renewal” pattern.

Then I put the method to the test with a clinical study in January of 2006… 

I took a study group of 33 people and created a circuit of carefully planned 3-minute stations designed to address and eliminate these “decay and degeneration” patterns. And not only to fix the physical posture and movement problems, but I also addressed the THOUGHT patterns I kept seeing emerge in most stressed out folks.

And I didn’t stop there.   I also had the participants follow a nutritional program that included very fundamental and proven age reversal strategies that anyone could easily follow. 

And The Results Were AMAZING!! 

Trial participants eliminated pain, increased energy, increased their overall quality of life, and eliminated tons of medical symptoms from mood problems to heartburn, just by making simple lifestyle changes based on cutting edge science!  Consistent action on good knowledge truly is power! 

Since this was only a very short trial period, I was thrilled with the results, but the most thrilling part was something I didn’t even measure!! 

As people wrote down comments and feelings after their circuit times, what kept coming up was the inner calm the participants were experiencing. 

And as the trial progressed, I continued to notice something I didn’t really expect… 

For instance, I remember one Saturday morning while there were about 5 or 6 people going through the circuit.  No one was speaking and some soothing introspective music was playing.  All of a sudden there was this feeling of an overwhelming sense of peace and calm.  I asked the others if they felt it too.  And everyone just looked at me and at each other. 

It was unanimous.  We created a sense of calm that absolutely infused and permeated the room.  And the only way to create peace in the outside world is to create peace within yourself 

There is even now scientific proof of this in a concept called “mirror neurons”.

Cutting edge brain research has proven that whomever you are communicating with can actually experience whatever you are feeling.  Have you ever been around someone that just always makes you feel good?  You’re brain is responding to what they’re feeling!  Same goes when you feel someone’s sadness, anxiety, or pain. 

The bottom line is this…by making positive healthy change in the way YOU feel, you can make positive healthy changes in your children, your spouse, your family, and your friends. 

That is what the Core Wellness Institute is all about.  Creating feelings of inner power, peace, happiness, confidence, and well being that you always carry with you and share with the world around you.

As Ghandi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” 

So to say the least, for the people who started out with expectations of just getting rid of some aches and pains and feeling a little younger, the inner peace and calm was a nice unexpected side benefit!! 

I see now that I should have expected these reactions because I have known for a long time through my personal experience and experience with clients that the body is the battleground for the wars of the mind.  How true 

Here's the truth...

Stressful THOUGHTS, FEELINGS, And EMOTIONS Get Tied Up In The Body As “Decay” and “Degenerative Aging” Patterns That Manifest In Your Body As...

“The Degenerative Humpback Posture of Unhealthy Aging” 

            The wonderful thing is… it doesn’t HAVE to happen that way. Not anymore.  Not if you really desire something different for your life and are ready to rewire your brain for a whole new you. 

You can reverse it by taking charge now before you’re hole gets too deep! 

This “aging and decay” posture and the stressful breathing that goes along with it overload your muscles and joints to cause painful trigger points and joint blockages that end up as headaches, neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, carpal tunnel, hip pain, knee pain, plantar fascitis, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, or a variety of other annoying and life stealing symptoms.

Just imagine yourself finally free from your stress and muscle tension patterns and maybe even freed from the emotional stress that was all “balled up” inside!!  I’ll never get tired of seeing the tears and the wonderful serine smiles that follow when an emotional tension pattern is finally released as your body is “opened up” and actually “allowed” to experience the feeling of being “centered” and “aware” of how your body was designed to function…with perfect efficiency and perfect harmony.

“Before I started the program, I had lots of emotional stress.  But now using what I’ve learned I really do feel that I can control my thoughts and stay focused on my breathing to relieve the stress.  I feel a “load” has lifter form my shoulders and I know I don’t want to continue to feel as stressed as I was before I started.”                        Anita Thomas - Borden, IN 

Another woman expressed how much easier it was to handle stress at work by using the tools she learned from the program. “By being physically centered”, she said, “it was much easier to be mentally centered.” 

So I guess I’ve just let the cat out of the bag on the first of the 3 Pillars of The Core Wellness Institute.


Nothing ever happens in this life unless it’s a thought first.  And without addressing what’s going on in your conscious and more importantly, your SUBconscious mind, no program can ever make positive changes that actually LAST!! 

Inside of CWI, you'll discover amazing examples of WHY you may be creating the same old self defeating patterns over and over again in your life and how you can finally break free of this self made prison!! 

PLUS… You’ll discover why you’re not “seeing” the simple solutions for creating energy and vitality beyond your wildest imagination that have been right in front of your eyes all along!! 

And Here’s Just A Few Of The Other Things You’ll Discover When You Take A Risk Free Trial Inside CWI... 

  • How to utilize the power of new brain research to retrain your brain to finally break free of damaging thought patterns that keep you trapped or stuck in the same old rut with your health, wealth, and happiness!  (Found in the "Thoughts" training inside the "10 Core Secrets" course)
  • The #1 reason WHY you may be self sabotaging right when you start making progress with a new lifestyle change. (This amazing concept alone is worth the trial!) 
  • Exactly what the deal is with FATS. Omega 6? Omega 3? Partially Hydrogenated?  Trans Fat? Which ones are good, which ones are bad, (and which ones should be buried as if it where toxic sludge)…and WHY!! (Just tune in to the "Inflammation" talk inside the "10 Core Secrets" course.  Also found in the "Core Recommendations" PDF Action Guide.)
  • The BIGGEST process you need to control if you want your body to stop rotting and aging like a half eaten 3-day-old apple.  (Therapeutic Lifestyle Change Action Guide #1)
  • How you can ELIMINATE PAIN and STIFFNESS without resorting to pain killing anti-inflammatory drugs that do absolutely nothing to help you heal. (The side effects of which actually kill more people each year than AIDS. Hey, how bout a walk for ibuprofen victims?)
  • An amazing new evaluation and treatment method spawned in Prague that gets down to brass tacks and finds the root cause of your problems so you don’t keep having the same recurring problems and you don’t develop dependence on passive treatments like drugs, herbs, massages, or even chiropractic adjustments! 
  • How an amazing “New and Improved” core training technique from Eastern European infant development research can magically melt muscle tension, eliminate “old looking” posture, and give you an indescribable feeling of POWER And CONFIDENCE that helps you not only LOOK YOUNGER, but FEEL YOUNGER, too! (And how you can feel like this every day, all day!) 
  • How to tell if you are suffering from an extremely fixable common dysfunction called “Crossed Posture Syndrome” that overloads your joints and muscles and causes cannon ball sized leaks in your energy storage tank. (Correcting these posture syndromes was the driving force for the creation of the CWI Training and Coaching Program to begin with.) 
  • How to tell if your breathing pattern is perpetuating or even CAUSING your stress and WHY it is absolutely critical that you learn how to breathe the way you were designed! (Breathing is addressed IN-DEPTH throughout CWI because at least 80% of the people I evaluate have breathing patterns that are accelerating the unhealthy aging process. The life-threatening epidemic of pathological breathing is another core reason for creation of the R&R program.) 
  • What exactly IS the CORE… I’m sure you’ve heard of core training by now but there is an extremely damaging and common mistake made by most core training instructors that actually worsens your core stability and puts you at risk for injury.   (In the "Core Concepts" module, you’ll discover what my teachers...MD’s and physiotherapists from Prague...have discovered from watching infants develop and how you can train your core safely and effectively and literally take your nervous system back in time to a younger version of yourself.)

I'm excited to now be able to offer this 30 day risk free trial of the extensive CWI Training and Coaching Program as your opportunity to get a sneak peak at why the people in the testimonials that follow are living a more energetic life with less pain and stresswithout always needing some pill, cream, massage, or magic chiropractic adjustment to keep them feeling good! 

Here’s what just a few of the trial participants had to say… 

“This program ROCKS! I used to always have pain in my lower back while I played volleyball, but ince I started the circuit, all my back problems have disappeared. I love that we should consider this our sacred time.  You truly become one with yourself.”                                                                                                     -Kit Marcum, New Albany, IN


“Since doing the program my aching shoulder blades are gone, my posture is improved, and now I can really breathe!  It’s invigorating and rejuvenating!  My general movement used to be stiff.  Now I’m very flexible and strong and I feel more energetic, optimistic and focused!  And I was able to get rid of a massive headache and bring my blood pressure down by using the exercises and relaxation techniques I learned from the circuit.”

   -Donna Ulrich - Borden, IN 


 Oh, by the way, these people all have ONE THING in common… 


It’s a desire to always strive to be a little bit better, a little bit stronger, a little bit younger. Most importantly, it’s a desire to want to know more!!  They crave the critical knowledge they need in their brains so they can make the best possible decisions to avoid the trap of slow and painful aging. 

So the question is…Do YOU have a desire for change? 

A desire to take your health and life in a new direction?  A desire to actually be able to enjoy the second half of your life ACTIVELY without the worry of chronic pain and disability?  Do you have the desire to learn about what your doctor may never tell you about how to preserve and protect your health without using harmful medications? 

That’s essentially what CWI is all about.  It’s an EDUCATION...NOT MEDICATION.

It’s a RELEASING of the blockages in your thoughts, nutrition, and movement, (OOPS, I just gave away the other 2 “Core Causes”) and REWIRING of your brain to automatically react to situations in your life from a strong and stable body, mind, and spirit. 

What The R&R program is NOT… 

It is NOT a program for anyone who is rigidly attached to their point of view and not open to information. 

It is NOT a program for people who believe health is achieved from something EXTERNAL.  You will not succeed (or be accepted) unless you are willing to commit to the fact that health success is an INSIDE JOB! 

It is NOT for anyone with a “victim” mentality.  I.e. “Boo hoo, why does this always have to happen to me?”  You must KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF YOUR HEALTH. NOT your DOCTOR, NOT your HMO, PPO, or any other insurance company, NOT ME, and no, NOT EVEN THE CLERK AT THE HEALTH FOOD STORE!  It’s you.  All you. 

It is NOT for anyone who believes that they can’t do anything for their health unless their insurance pays for it.  Remember that the U.S. health care system with the combination of medical errors and adverse drug reactions is the nations leading cause of death.  Your insurance program is designed only to pay for this “patch me up after I’m broken” system and the “New Paradigm” integrative treatment, training, and coaching you will be receiving when you start the program does not apply to this “conventional” model.    

It is an investment in a partnership where our part is to be   facilitators of your own healing process by guiding, coaching, and hopefully, inspiring you to commit yourself to a life where your well-being can flow freely without the blockages from pain, sickness, fear, worry, and self doubt.  So… 

This FREE Demonstration Workshop is your chance to discover and see first hand how this new program is designed and exactly why it is getting such powerful and astonishing results! 

So I would like to personally invite you to come to this upcoming and very eye-opening demonstration workshop so you can learn about a whole world of “New Paradigm” information that I would be willing to bet less than .1% of the United States population has ever heard.  

This is information your doctor may not get a hold of for another 10-20 years (actually…it takes about 50 years for new proven research to make into conventional medical practice) and may NEVER get a hold of!  So you’ll know much more than your doctor probably ever will just by coming to check it out!) 

But Why Is It FREE?  What’s the catch? 

The truth is this.  I just want to be able to help you get the knowledge you need to be able to live a healthy, vital, and active life for as long as you desire.  And I want to help you escape from being one of the casualties of our current health care system (over 104,000 deaths from medication side effects alone, not to mention hospital error and other problems). 

And unfortunately I don’t have a multi-billion dollar marketing budget like the big drug companies to convince you that your perfectly designed body is deficient in toxic medications, so I’m using this information packed FREE Demonstration Workshops as an opportunity so you can see if it makes sense and feels right to you. 

And at the end of the 90 minutes, I will offer you a special money saving opportunity to qualify for the program if it DOES makes sense to you. That’s it.  No pressure or hard sell tactics. 

If it feels right and you’re inspired to take me up on my special offer to qualify, great. And if it doesn’t make sense to you, it’s OK, you’re not going to hurt my feelings.  This program won’t be a match for everyone.  I realize that. You’ll know if you’re ready. 

And yes, you heard right, not everyone qualifies. As I said earlier, you have to be ready to make some changes in the thoughts you think, the food you eat, and the movement you get or it’s not worth it for you or me.  And by the way… 

I will NOT be up front slinging some “cure all” wonder vitamin or magic cream.  This program is about gaining profound knowledge and making the right choices by getting up to speed on the truth as it exists in the latest scientific literature instead of making life or death choices based on TV commercials for junk food and drugs. 

A word of WARNING...

Due to my busy schedule, and limited space and time, we are currently only accepting 15 people per month into this program.   And since referrals from current participants have started pouring in and I started doing these workshops, the pipeline of eager “ready for change” applicants is filling fast. 

So if you’ve been thinking about getting your body, your mind, and your life back on track, take your first step NOW by grabbing your seat for the upcoming workshop.  Or risk being locked out. 


Here’s How To Reserve Your Seat RIGHT NOW! 

#1  FAX The Pink Reservation Form Included In This Kit 24 Hours/day,

    7 days a week to 812-280-8171 

#2 CALL 812-280-8170 from 7am to 7pm Monday – Friday with the name,

     address, phone, and email of all attending 

#3 EMAIL Rebecca@hoffmandc.com with name, address, phone, and

     email of all attending

 THE TIME IS NOW TO BECOME A SERIOUS STUDENT OF HEALTH.  You must realize what you do RIGHT NOW will determine whether you spend the last 10-20 years of your life disabled in a nursing home with arthritis and Alzheimer’s OR enjoying a sharp mind and able body to cherish the joy of watching you grandchildren and great grandchildren grow up. 

My mission and purpose here is to continuously throw out my life preserver to the millions of frustrated people who are drowning in a sea of extremely dangerous misinformation as they continue to buy into the miserably failing  “pill for every ill” old paradigm mindset.  I’m going to continue to cast my lifeline and when you’re ready to grab on, you can start realizing your unbelievable and infinite potential to feel energized, vital, and young again. 

So no matter what you’re told, it’s NOT NORMAL to feel bad no matter HOW OLD you are.

Discomfort of any kind is your ACTION SIGNAL.  Ignoring it or masking it with drugs is a dangerous choice, but it’s your choice. And you are always free to choose differently. 

So get informed.  Do everything in your power to attend this interactive and enlightening workshop.  Reserve your seats now. 

Dr. Hoffman

 P.SI understand if you’re skeptical of such great promises.  I would be too.  But the only risk you have is just 90 minutes of one Saturday morning. Just imagine if you discover ONE THING that prevents a heart attack or stroke. Would that be worth the time? How about if you discover how to drop 10 or 20 pounds of fat? OR maybe get rid of your allergies! Or acid reflux? OR your mood swings and anxiety?  Would it be worth your time? You decide. Oh, and don’t leave your friends and family members at home.  Especially those people who are really frustrated or even desperate!  You could be the one that helps dig them out of their rut!  The workshop provides a non-threatening environment to just come and listen.  I do not want you to feel any obligation by coming.  I want you to come so you can get informed.  That’s it. 

P.S.S. I’m sure also that you’re wondering if you’re going to have to mortgage your home to pay for such a program.  Not so.  There are different levels of the 12 week program to meet your individual wants and needs starting at less than a dollar a day.  Your recommended action plan and options will be given to you once you’ve qualified.  Your first step is the free workshop.  So don’t just set this letter aside and think about it.  Get your seats reserved now before it’s too late.

What Can You Expect When You Enroll?

  • Enjoy Weight Loss Exercise Without Injury

    There’s lots of awesome exercise options for weight loss out there but when you exercise with poor posture and movement patterns, you’re going to end up with frustrating injuries sooner or later.  This course is designed as a “Do This First” program to prepare you for Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, P90x, Insanity, or whatever you want to do!

  • Avoid the "Nursing Home Shuffle"

    Most people have been through a tough time with a parent or grandparent who have lost their independence because of health issues.  It’ no fun.  Core Wellness is all about helping you avoid becoming a burden on your family by keeping you thinking, eating, and moving with youthful vitality into your 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and beyond!

  • Stress Reduction From All Angles

    Although the course has an strong bias toward physical exercise and postural alignment, the physical piece is just one of the 3 Pillars of Core Wellness. Mental / emotional stress reduction and nutritional intervention is critical to your success in long term transformation.  All three pillars are addressed in a non-dogmatic fashion.

  • Pain Relief...The Common "Side Benefit" of Reversing CPS

    The focus of this training course is one ONE THING…reversing Crossed Posture Syndrome.  When your joints and muscles are re-balanced and back into “Centration”, it results in relief from common conditions like back pain, sciatica, shoulder pain, neck pain, stress headaches, TMJ, and plantar fascitis, to name a few.  A nice side benefit!

  • Re-Awaken Youthful Posture...It's Still In There!

    Your inborn patterns of ideal upright posture are still in your brain…and you’ll learn how to re-awaken these patterns through unique Eastern European methods that bring your nervous system “back in time” for a feeling of lightness and ease that’s been suppressed for years…maybe decades 🙂

  • "Organic Correction" It Shouldn't HURT To Fix Your Posture.

    You won’t hear cues like “pinch your shoulder blades together”, or “chin up, chest out”, or “pull your belly button to your spine”!  This is about re-creating a natural feeling of being upright, calm, and confident without feeling stress and overworking muscles in the process.

Here's Everything You Get Inside The Core Wellness Institute:

getting-started-module-pp-screenshotThe Getting Started Module


In this preparatory module and orientation into the Core Wellness philosophy, you'll find:

  • Outcomes assessments and questionnaires as well as a set of "self tests" to help you get a "baseline" so you can measure your results as you get your body back into balance.
  • A review the OPTIONAL low tech, low cost tools that will give you the best results from the course along and exactly where we get ours.

The "Core Concepts" Module

Without ever doing an exercise, you can transform your posture, eliminate pain, and increase your energy and inner calm just by embodying these new ways of thinking and using your body.

With over 30 training videos, this could be a "stand alone" course.  But don't worry....I've tagged the ones that are most important to learn before starting in on the exercise modules.

  • Discover the game changing "Push Away Phenomenon" that immediately and automatically brings your entire body into the same natural effortless posture you had as a child
  • Learn "The Power of Pressure" and why it's the KEY to staying upright and preventing energy leaks that lead to fatigue and tissue damage!
  • The "Diaphragmatic Anti-Gravity Magic" video reveals why the position of your diaphragm when you breath is the #1 most important thing you could ever focus on!
  • A full 2 hour live presentation of "The 3 Pillars of Core Wellness" where I lay out in detail the foundation of the Core Wellness philosophy. You can view the video on the site, download the video, or download the audio mp3 version so you can take it with you on the go! I included the slides as well so you can see the references and follow along.
  • Discover how the Eastern European secret of "joint centration" not only helps with pain relief, and confident posture, but also brings on a sense of centered calm.

These are just a sample of some of the new concepts you'll learn that you can apply anytime, anywhere!

5 DETAILED Exercise Training Modules Designed Specifically To Reverse Crossed Posture Syndrome And Wake Up Your Automatic and ORGANIC Perfect Posture System

Definitely...the most popular area of the site are these 5 modules with detailed instruction on how to do the very specific and targeted exercises that "Switch Off" the stress muscles and "Switch ON" your muscles of youth and renewal!

In each of these modules you'll find:

  • Step by step detailed video instructions on how to use perfect form on the Reverse CPS exercises
  • Printable PDF's with written objectives and coaching tips for each move
  • A "Mini-Circuit" video that puts all the moves together so you can practice them in a sequence
  • A one page Mini-Circuit PDF "Snapshot" of all the exercises on one page for quick reference when you're away from your computer
  • Content Packed Q&A Video Archives: Each of the 6 physical exercise modules contains Q&A archives that I recorded while building the online course with our first 2 trial groups!  Odds are...their questions will answer a lot of YOUR questions and of course, answer questions you never would of thought to ask!

module-six-pp-screenshotModule 6 "Flow Series"

After mastering good form through the modules, put all the moves together with the "Flow Series".  You can use this 39 minute series for ongoing daily practice or as a kick start if you happen to get off track 🙂  


“3 Pillars” Therapeutic Lifestyle Change TAKE ACTION Mini-Course

This is the exact 12 week mini-course I give to my private clients when they go through my in-office program.

There are 12 TLC Action Guides in the course designed to not only educate you on foundational age reversal nutrition and lifestyle principles, but also give you practical “take home” strategies to work on each week so you don’t feel overwhelmed by too much change all at once.

You can make it into a “12 Week Course” for yourself or take as much time as you like to soak up the information.


10-core-secrets-disc-image“The 10 Core Secrets” To An Energetic And Pain Free Life Audio Health Coaching Series

Most people I come across like to know WHY they are doing something instead of just following a program because some guru “said so”.

So I’ve decided to include this comprehensive “deep dive” group coaching series that reveals nutrition and lifestyle prescriptions to help balance and optimize these 10 critical processes (all in downloadable mp3 format):

  • Secret #1 “How to Rewire Your Subconscious Mind to Make Healthy Changes Stick
  •  Secret #2 “How To Boost Energy, Eliminate Pain, Relax Tense Muscles, and Improve Coordination”
  • Secret #3 “Dysglycemia – How to Balance Blood Sugar and Insulin for Healthy Weight Loss and Steady Mood.”
  • Secret #4 “How to Cool the Fire of Chronic Inflammation”
  • Secret #5 “How To Optimize Energy Production”
  • Secret #6 “How To Balance Hormones Naturally”
  • Secret #7 “Methylation – The Master Key Process to Gene Control for Cancer, Depression, Heart Attacks, Strokes, Alzheimer’s and More”
  • Secret #8 “Detoxification – How To Cleanse a Toxic Body”
  • Secret #9 “How To Optimize Your Immune System”
  • Secret #10 “Breaking the Chronic Stress Cycle”

Each audio health coaching session is approximately 90 minutes long and packed with PROOF of WHY you must pay attention to these vital processes in order to experience optimal health and avoid the pain and disability our society tends to associate with “old age”.

After all, it’s not about chronology and numbers…It’s about how much STRESS you accumulate over the years!

Eliminate the stress, you reverse your body age and perfect “organic” posture comes naturally!


CWI Resource Center

  • Invaluable PDF on how to find a good practitioner who practices similar to the work in this course.rolodex
  • Where to get quality rehab and fitness supplies.
  • Diet Guides for weight management, blood sugar problems, detoxification
  • "Books that Matter", "Movies that Matter", and "Music that Matters"
  • Plus lots more


100% Risk Free 30 Day Guarantee

Because I want you to have peace of mind with this decision, you have a full 30 days to decide if this program is right for you.   If you decide otherwise, no problem, just contact us through the support tab on the site and your enrollment fee with be promptly returned in full.  This way I take all the risk off your shoulders and place it squarely on mine.  So you have nothing to lose!

bonus-adl-library-combo“Activities Of Daily Living” Online Video Library

If there’s one thing you’ll here me repeat over and over again, it’s that exercises come and go, but it’s “how you do what you do when you do it” that matters most when you want to protect and preserve your active body and active life!

That’s why included this ADL Online Video Library as a special bonus in addition to the exercise system.

In this area of the site, I aggregate all of my prior YouTube ADL videos along with specially recorded new ones that show you how to do your activities of daily living in a strain free, efficient manner so you don’t injure yourself!

Learn how to avoid damaging your spine and other joints when you:

  • Lift
  • Carry
  • Shovel
  • Vacuum
  • Push a shopping cart
  • Walk
  • Climb Stairs
  • Get in and out of car
  • Driving / riding in a car
  • And MORE!
  • Plus…I take requests for add ons!

Master these movements with good form and LIFE CAN BECOME YOUR EXERCISE! 

bonus-image-redcommunity-huddleNEW!  Core Wellness Institute "Student Union" PRIVATE Facebook Group

After years of resistance to creating a Facebook group...I can't ignore the fact that real community can happen there.  

Community has been missing for a long time from CWI and now you can finally join with "like minds" for support, motivation, and inspiration to stay on track with your Core Wellness journey!

You will receive the link to join after enrolling.

bonus-image-redwebinars-imageThe CWI Webinar Workshop Vault

TWELVE (and counting) workshops on hot topics like Common Yoga Mistakes, Pre-Yoga Preparation, "Human Yoga", Sciatica Solutions, Fixing Forward Head Posture (2 parts), Mid Back Pain and Hand Tingling Case Studies, and Low Back Pain Solutions.  And we'll continue to add more!

bonus-image-redFoam Rolling Mini-Course

Self myofascial release using a foam roller has been proven over and over again in recent literature to…

  • reduce pain
  • improve flexibility
  • improve recovery time
  • decrease post exercise soreness
  • improve performance
  • reduce arterial stiffness
  • improve overall cardiovascular health

Learn how to do it right without hurting yourself in this bonus training series.

bonus-image-reddetox-weight-loss-imageDetox / Weight Loss Workshop

You can run, but you can't hide...toxins are everywhere and they are stored in your fat.

 Learn how to avoid them and speed their removal from your body as you burn fat with the strategies presented.  (Video, Audio, diet guides, recipes, and more.)

Here's What Other CWI Course Students Are Saying...

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It's so exciting to be able to offer this unique pain relief and wellness program beyond just my local area!

So many people are needlessly suffering from pain, fatigue, and just being "sick and tired of being sick and tired" because they have never even heard of stress induced muscle imbalances and Crossed Posture Syndrome!

It saddens and sometimes even angers me to see people who get awesome treatments from their chiros, physios, massage therapists, acupuncturists, or whoever...

BUT they never get the "rewiring" of these posture and movement patterns that caused the pain or symptom in the first place!

Here's the truth...Releasing and Re-wiring these patterns MUST BE DONE...BY EVERYONE.

These patterns of stress induced weakness and tightness are predictable and reversible.

Yet people are still suffering with pain and continuing DEPENDENT relationships with their practitioners.

*It's like snipping the weed at the ground level and expecting it to go away (and I know...I'm a gardener!)

*It's like hiding your "check engine light" with a business card! (yes, I have done this)

*It's like taking the battery out of your fire alarm when it goes off!

OK...I guess you get the picture.

The ONLY way to make LASTING change is to fundamentally RE-WIRE your brain's programming!

Listen...right now you've got stressful and damaging movement programs, eating programs, and thinking programs that are keeping you STUCK in your current loop of symptoms and your current emotional state.

But this is GOOD NEWS! Because that's all they are...PROGRAMS. They are just like computer software programs that can be "written over".

Now...is this instantaneous? NO!

It's a process. It takes commitment. It takes focus. It takes consistency.

If you're just looking for a quick fix, obviously this program is not for you.

But if you're sick of replaying the same day over and over again and are ready to break the cycle of stress and degeneration, then let's do it!

And let me say boldy...this program is PROVEN to create long lasting change (just read the stories on the info page) and it's GUARANTEED to exceed your expectations or you get refunded in full.

And right now, for just a little while longer, you can still get into my coaching program where you literally get to "keep me on retainer" to answer your questions and give you specific advice.

Plus, just by trying it, you get to keep LIFETIME ACCESS the to entire Core Wellness Training Course even if you decide to cancel!

By the way...there are no contracts and you can cancel anytime!

And of course, I also have the "Training Course Only" option available if you just want the material without a monthly fee (and you can get it for less than it would cost to spend 1 hour with me in person!)

That should do it. I look forward to helping you live a meaningful life with LESS PAIN, MORE ENERGY, and MORE FUN!

Check out everything you get in this video with all the details.

Talk soon,

Dr. Steve

P.S. I am accumulating questions that I've been receiving about the program and will be answering them in an email or video in the next day or two.

So if you have a specific question, just hit reply and fire away. I'll try to answer you personally. But if I don't get to you, it will be answered when I send out the email.

P.S.S. Here's a recent comment shared by one of my coaching students that might help you make your decision...

"This past weekend I was able to help my brother split and load several pick up truck loads of wood to help him with his heating needs for the rest of the year..... best thing about it????? absolutely no back pain at all.

Through your course I have learned how to move and build strength to be able to work so that I can prevent overuse pain.

I am so much stronger and better able to move now than when I was in my 20-30's!!!!! Your course has been very helpful in incorporating your techniques into everyday life.

I am so THANKFUL that I found your course. I hope your Thanksgiving Day was as enjoyable as mine!!!!

Also...I wanted to share that I use to have a hard time sitting in both the airplane and in a car. Now after strengthening my core and developing an awareness of my posture I was able to spend 4 straight days of driving 4 hours and not having any back hip or leg pain! So huge for me!!! Needless to say I am very happy.

Nancy Dougherty, Greenville, TN

​P.S.S.S. It's time to reclaim your health and re-awaken your power! Let's do this!















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