Introductory Half Price Premium Coaching Trial Now Available!

It always hurts me when I get an email from an Independent Study student asking for individual help.

But I certainly hope you understand the boundary dilemma I face with my time and my hundreds of online students, my patients in my physical office, and thousands of blog subscribers.

But this might help...

For current Core Wellness Institute  Independent Study / Non-Premium Coaching students, I'm offering a half price trial for our Monthly Premium Support Coaching Program.

Here's how it works...

For your first 30 days, instead of normal $97, you pay only $47 instead.  

That way you can dig in and ask me all your individual questions through the comments on the site and I get back to you with my personal recommendations. get private one-on-one time with me twice a month when you call in during open Office Hours with video Skype, audio Skype, or phone during open Office Hours.

If you decide to cancel within 30 days by sending an email to, you will not be charged again.  If you would like to continue, do nothing and you'll be billed for the normal $97/month.

And remember...even after the trial period, there are no contracts and you can cancel at any time!

So review everything you get below and click the button to get started now.

Here's Everything You Get As A Premium Support / Direct Access Coaching Student!

  • Twice Monthly Private Speed Coaching "Office Hours"

    2 times per month you can use Skype video for a private 10-minute speed coaching session.  Perfect for discovering which exercises are going to be best for you, demonstrating a movement for form correction, talk nutrition, or however you want to use it.​​

  • Direct Access To Dr. Steve For Questions

    You get access to the comments section of pages and posts where you can personally ask me for advice and recommendations about your individual issues as well as learn from others’ questions.

  • Monthly Q&A Highlights Video Coaching

    Each month I choose the most important questions from the comment section on the site and from my interactions on Skype and do an expanded video coaching session so everyone can benefit.  So your specific question has a great chance of getting expanded upon in video format.

  • 20% Discount On High Quality Nutritional Products

    As an added benefit to the Core Wellness Coaching Program, I have decided to make the same high quality, high potency Metagenics products available to you at a hefty 20% discount. As long as you remain enrolled in the coaching program, you will retain your discount.

  • No Contracts, Cancel Anytime

    That’s right!  When you enroll for the monthly coaching access, there are no long term contracts and you can cancel anytime by sending an email to…And you still keep lifetime access to the course training content!

  • BONUS: Webinar Training Vault

    Coaching members get access to 6 (and counting) topic specific workshops on Yoga Mistakes, Sciatica Solutions, Low Back Pain Solutions, Reversing Forward Head Posture, and more inside our “CWI Webinar Vault”.

Trial Price Only $47 For 30 DaysThen $97/month. No Contracts. Cancel Anytime.